Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, El Topo even has a PhD in English Literature and Linguistics! (Which is totally not true, but wouldn’t it be awesome?) El Topo also speaks Spanish and Mole language*, FYI. Ask him anything here.
*El Topo does not guarantee he knows the same Mole dialect as you.

Shipping is made through Correos de Chile or Topomobile®, and the items are shipped within three business days. Check the shipping costs here.

Webpay is Chile’s default payment method for debit and credit cards. It works with international cards, too!

Make sure to notify your bank and credit card company that you will be making transactions in Chile, or your payment might be rejected due to security measures.

While El Topo recommends Webpay because it’s easier and more user-friendly, good ol’ PayPal comes in handy when the former fails. Once you choose PayPal as the payment method, El Topo will send you an email with further instructions and your order total in US Dollars, which is calculated as follows: El Topo uses Xoom’s exchange rate and then applies a 3% extra charge to cover part of PayPal’s own fees (fortunately, he’s not that greedy to charge you the whole thing).

Yes, just make sure you click on the “ENVOLVER PARA REGALO” checkbox during checkout. Easy peasy.